French Club at UIC

Who Are We?

Eiffel Tower from the Seine

We are a club at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) dedicated to French/Francophone culture. We have no membership costs or requirements. There is no knowledge of French language required.

We host two events a month during the semester. One of those events is always off-campus and the other is on-campus. On-campus events include, but are not limited to, film screenings, holiday parties, and LOTS OF FOOD!

Off-campus events are typically hosted by a third party for a discounted price. These events have included French operas, concerts, restaurant visits, and book signings.

Upcoming Events

We're going to watch Lupin on Thursdays in March with Netflix Party! Join us as we watch this popular show starring Omar Sy. You can sign up using the link we sent out in the email! We're also having a cooking night on Monday, March 8th! We'll be making crepes. Check our email for more details! In the meantime, don't forget to sign up here for one of our new French Club T-Shirts. The t-shirt will be $15-18, depending on how many people sign up to purchase it.


Recent Events

October 24, 2020 Moliere Theatre Night - School for Wives

October 10, 2020 French Market Visit (and walk in the West Loop)

September 23, 2020 French Cooking Night: Ratatouille

May 2, 2020 Alliance Française Visit to see Intouchables at 1:30pm

March 31, 2020 Film Screening: Les Choristes in Grant Hall 308 from 2-4pm

Feb. 2020 Mardi Gras Celebration

Apr. 2019 Destress Event before finals

Mar. 2019 Club Bake Sale

Jan. 2019 Cendrillon at the Lyric opera

Nov. 2018 French Board Game Night

Oct. 2018 Film Screening: Les Affamés

We're excited to announce the winner of our French Club T-Shirt Design Contest! Please congratulate

Joy Beckett

for her winning design! Congrats to Joy, who will be getting a free t-shirt with her design on it!

Playlist collageAre you interested in French music? Check out this French Music Spotify Playlist!
called French Pop 2020!

Would you be interested in sharing your own French playlist with us? You can email: and we'll take a look at your playlist links. Send us your Spotify or Youtube playlists and we'll post a new one a few times a month so that everyone else can enjoy them too!

Are you interested to improve your French through film? Check out these free French films which you can download or stream online!